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Products and Services
We offer a whole suite of comprehensive products and services set around our Telecom invoice billing software system, Dynasoft TeleFactura.


1.1 Main products

Points 1 and 2 are versions of the same underlying software. All licences include our Web Access portal which enables your resellers and customers to access all their financials online. Click to a view demo of TeleFactura Web Access.

1.Telecom invoice billing software systemTeleFactura

Telecom invoice billing solution
Complete billing and account reconciliation platform for Telecoms VoIP voice, data and recurrent services with advanced reporting functionality. It includes a Web portal for customers and resellers to manage their account online with data feed in real time.

2.Telecom invoice billing solution TeleFactura Admin

Telecom invoice billing software system
With this version of our Telecom invoice billing software system, the billing functionality is not available, making it a cheaper alternative if you require some users to only perform day-to-day administrative and data entry tasks. This version is the equivalent of a CRM. Cost for the Admin version is only GBP59 per year per licence, making it a very affordable way of accessing most of the data in TeleFactura.

3.Telecom invoice billing solution TeleFactura Web CRM

Telecom invoice billing software system
This Customer and Distributor Care Web-based portal works with our TeleFactura Telecom invoice billing software system and is an invaluable tool to expand your business as your employees, sales people and resellers can create customer and sub-reseller accounts, enter customer sales and follow up on them.

1.2 Add-ons

Optional add-ons that bolt onto our main systems include:

1.Telecom invoice billing software system Help Desk, Support Desk and Ticket Tracker

Telecom invoice billing software system
Integrated with all our Telecom invoice billing software system, it supports the following
  • Tickets
    • Unlimited tickets, users, assignment groups.
    • Users without accounts can track their tickets and add comments using a password
    • appended to the url link in the email sent to them.
    • Each comment allows individual file attachment (this can be turned off).
  • Tags
    • Unlimited tags can be created with unlimited “nesting”.
    • Tags can be set to administrator visibility only.
    • Ticket assignment and routing.
    • Tickets are assigned to a group that can contain one or more users.
    • Tickets can be filtered and sorted by status, priority, due date, created date, group assignment, description, and requester.
    • Search allows search by ticket or any text field.
    • Allows assigned users and administrators to enter work hours.
  • Administration
    • Reply to existing tickets or create new ones and allocate these to a specific user.
    • Ability for administrators to modify their details.
    • Administrators can create new customer and distributor users, modify the details of existing ones and search for specific users.
    • Create, modify or delete user roles.
    • Ability to allow users to modify their account.
    • Ability to create, modify or delete tags that can be associated with tickets for easier classification of tickets.
    • Set all SMTP parameters which are also available from within the main TeleFactura application.
    • Allow other administrators and users to upload attachments with their support tickets.

2.Telecom invoice billing solution Radius AAA

Telecom invoice billing software system
This add-on offers full Radius / AAA server capability thanks to a close integration with TekRadius and Radius Manager. It makes the programme able to be used as an ISP billing system: control the access of your users to your network in real time based on financial information set in TeleFactura. A licence for TekRadius SP or Radius Manager is needed for the add-on to work.

3.Telecom invoice billing solution Online and Electronic Payment Gateway

Telecom invoice billing software system
Integrated with all our applications, this portal allows your customers and distributors to perform payments online using a number of online merchant and payment services. The ycan pay for invoices or purchase your products and services directly from the Web Access. It also enables you to log into your online account and receive payment confirmations in real-time from these services. Systems currently supported are: Paypal, Moneybookers/Skrill, Sage Pay, GlobalPay and Terms and Conditions apply.

4.Telecom invoice billing software system Integration with Sage Accounts and Xero Accounting

Telecom invoice billing solution
These two add-ons offer close integration of TeleFactura with all UK versions of Sage 50 Accounts since 2011, Canadian versions of Sage 50 Accounts since 2017 and Xero online accounting. Terms and Conditions apply. Functionality offered is:

  • Export, modify or delete customer accounts to Sage or Xero
  • Export, modify or delete supplier accounts
  • Export, modify or delete customer bank details
  • Export, modify or delete customer credit card details (Sage only)
  • Export customer transactions to Sage or Xero (invoices, credit notes, payments, direct debits, credited amounts to the Debtors control account,…)
  • Replication of all contact details from TeleFactura to Xero and Sage


1.Telecom invoice billing solution Dynasoft Telefactura Web Access Hosted

Telecom invoice billing software system
With this option, the Web Access part of TeleFactura is hosted by us in case you do not have access to a Web server. Your users have access to all the functionality offered by the Web Access and we give you access to an FTP account to upload your data.

2.Telecom invoice billing solution TeleFactura Outsourced

Telecom invoice billing software system
Worried that Telecom billing and mediation might use up too many of your company’s resources? Let Dynasoft take the complex nature of voice and data billing out and carry out all your billing needs for you. This service will do the following: obtain CDRs from your switch(es), carrier(s), import all CDRs into TeleFactura, take receipt of your latest customer data from you, process your CDRs according to your tariffs and policies, prepare and publish itemised call statements and invoices for your customers via Telefactura Web Access, e-mail all invoices and call statements to your customers and/or you and finally, send you a file of billing details for import into your accounting system. Fees are a set-up cost and recurring fee for each billing cycle for every set of 500 customers; 3000 CDR-based DIDs; 3000 CDR-based recurrent service numbers; 3000 CDR-based data service numbers; 1000 various items (non-CDR-based charges); 15 price lists; 15 CDR formats or 2GB of data, whichever is the greatest.

3.Telecom invoice billing solution Dedicated Development

Telecom invoice billing software system
We offer a full line of bespoke development services and are able to add any functionality to our solutions quickly and reliably.

4.Telecom invoice billing software systemWeb Hosting

Telecom invoice billing solution
Access TeleFactura from in the Cloud, anywhere in the world using any Web browser with our Cloud Access services. We can provide full back-up services and any hardware configuration that is required (SSD HDD,…). Cost starts from only GBP29 a month.

5.Telecom invoice billing software system Additional Services

Telecom invoice billing software system
As Telecommunications consultants, we also offer full training, installation, configuration and support services to ensure that your programme is always up-to-date and that you can use our solutions quickly and effectively:

  • The training includes one half-day of comprehensive training with one of our engineers on all aspects of our solutions. Time can also be spent setting up your data. Training is something we highly recommend as it will take days if not weeks off the launch of your new presence.
  • The installation includes remote installation and configuration of all the programmes supplied to ensure you are up-and-running fast. Please note that this installation service does not include work on IIS or generally on your web server.
  • The general support service is unlimited, includes all updates for one year and even free development of small features or changes you would like to see done in TeleFactura. This support is given via e-mail, phone and remote access.

Finally we can ship TeleFactura with a dongle key which makes it possible to use the software off-line.