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Get the low-down on our Offshore E-Commerce solutions. Simply fill in the questionnaire below if you are interested in our offshore services and we will help you get a full picture. The information you provide will be used to help us quickly match your service and product needs with our Offshore E-Commerce solutions offerings. The questions marked with a star (*) are not required, but would be useful for us to obtain so we can get a better understanding of your business. You may write below in any language.


Legal name of business:*
Publically quoted or Privately held:
Location Of incorporation:
Number of shareholders:
Stock symbol and exchange(s) (where applicable):
Street address:
Zip/Postal code:
Contact name:
Web site:


Type of current web-based business:
Primary Products/Services sold:
Existing or new web business:
Expected start date:
Estimated annual sales:
Do you currently accept credit cards?


Please complete this next section if you are currently established as an Internet-based business and seek to move your activity with us. If you are looking to become a new Internet merchant, please proceed to the Services for prospective customers’ section below.
Name and address of your current credit card processing bank?
What is your merchant ID number and payment processing provider?
Who is your current payment processing provider?
Annual credit card sales (GBP):
Estimated number of transactions per month:
Average credit card transaction value (GBP)?
Current percentage of transaction chargebacks:
Which credit card types do you accept?
American Express
Diners Club
Do you currently operate your own web server at your facility?
If no, who is providing this service for you?
What type of Web hosting do you currently have?

What is your current Internet bandwidth usage?
What is your current space usage?
What is your current power usage (amps – rack space and co-location only):
How many “hits” per day do you average on your web site?
What type of payment software is currently used for your web site?

Are you currently using a multi-currency payment system ?
If no, would you be interested in an offer from us to help you establish one ?
What type of payment security do you employ on your web site? (SSL, SET, None., etc)
What hardware platform are you currently running?

What operating system are you currently running?

What firewall hardware and software (including version) are you using?
What are your web store email requirements?


Please complete this section if you a NEW Internet merchant or are looking to establish a new web-based business.
Would you be interested in tapping into the benefits of operating your Internet activities offshore ?
Please tell us what service or product you would like to add to your Internet activities
Locate the existing transaction-end of my web site offshore To get a merchant account number
To develop my Web site further to include bespoke services
To incorporate an offshore company only
To migrate my entire Website and Internet activities offshore
Which one of our Web Hosting Services do you require?
Onshore Hosting

Offshore Hosting:
Basic Services – Shared hosting:
Advanced Services:
Rack space
Disaster recovery
Email solutions

E-commerce solutions
(Shopping trolley,…)
Do you require ‘Transaction Processing’?:
How many products do you intend to have in your shop?
Do you require any additional options for your shop? See list
Do you require any bespoke services? I so please specify your requirements
Yes No
Do you require any Domain Name registration?
What currency do you wish to receive payments into your bank account and settle credit card payments in?
If you wish to process in Euro’s, do you currently have a European presence? (i.e.Office, Storefront, etc., located in the E.U.?)

If “YES” then which location?

If you wish to process in an offshore jurisdiction, do you currently have an offshore presence? (i.e. Corporation, Office, Storefront, etc., )

If “YES” then which location?

If “NO” have you got an idea where you wish to establish it?

Estimated number of transactions/month:
Estimated average credit card transaction value:
Estimated number of transaction chargebacks:
Which credit card types do you want to accept?
American Express
Diners Club
Do you plan on operating your own web server at your facility?

If no, bearing in mind we can offer such services, who will be providing hosting services for you:

What type of Web hosting do you wish to have?

Estimated Internet bandwidth requirements:
Estimated disk space required:
Estimated power required (amps – especially important for co-location and rack space):
Estimated number of visitors per day to the web site:
What hardware platform do you wish to run?

What operating system do you wish to run?

What firewall hardware and software are you wishing to purchase?
Please describe in detail any unique requirements you may have:

How did hear about Dynasoft:
if Search Engine or Other, please specify:

To submit this form, please enter the characters you see in the image:
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