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Offshore e-commerce services

Through the partnerships we have established, we can provide you with the complete package of offshore e-commerce services.
Tax Planning
We can give you comprehensive tax planning advice when it comes to Jersey. Get in touch with us by phone on + (44) 203 519 73 75 or by e-mail at for any question you might have regarding building your tax structure and planning.
Company Formation and Administration
Once the tax structure has been determined, we can set up your Jersey-based International Business Company. We will provide directors, set up a bank account and take care of the corporate administration. You have in actual fact a choice of different other key jurisdictions such as Guernsey, Isle of Man, Ireland, Bahamas or the British Virgin Islands,….
Once the corporate side is set up then we provide a secure environment in which to house your server. We utilise the services of the largest Internet Service Provider and telco company in Jersey. With hundreds of staff on hand 365 days around the clock, a world-wide presence, high security and full power backup facilities it’s no wonder that most of Jersey?s major banks use their facilities for their business continuity planning. We offer the following add-on services to your web hosting package:
  • Disaster recovery:
offshore e-commerce services
Online backup
offshore e-commerce services
Database replication
offshore e-commerce services
Software based utilities
offshore e-commerce services
Hardware or appliance based storage replication
  • Email solutions:
offshore e-commerce services
Email continuity
offshore e-commerce services
Email security
Email warehousing and compliance
Email marketing
Ready to connect? We use a dual sited network connected by high-speed fibre which interfaces with Jersey Telecoms? Internet Backbone deploying SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) self-healing technology, with out-of-island connections to BT and France Telecoms.
Back-end Solutions
Back-end solutions are supplied where we can link legacy systems to the Internet or any other hardware systems to meet the client?s specific needs.
Web Design
Web Design is provided by us and include many advanced offshore e-commerce services using leading edge technologies. More on this can be found here.
Intelligent Systems using, Java, Active X, VBScript, Javascript and HTML extension languages: XML, DHTML, Cold Fusion… These include: Shopping trolley, Transaction processing, Statistical reporting, Search engines and indexing, Databases, Intelligent agents and distributed processing, Intranet and extranet, business systems integration, Internet site security and authentication, Remote management systems,…
WebMail similar to HotMail directly available to you to include in your Web site;
Advanced CGI,, JSP or PHP programming.