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Download our Telecom CDR billing and Internet cafe software system

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any difficulty with using any of our demos as we provide free pre-sale support.

1. Dynasoft TeleFactura

Please use the links provided below to download the required files. The demo below is always for a version older than the most recent one, which is only available to our customers. Everything else on this site (links to manuals, screenshots,…) is always for our most recent version. Whilst TeleFactura supports MS Access, MS SQL Server and MySQL, the demo available here only uses MS Access. Once installed, we recommend reading the ‘Read Me’ file that will appear on your desktop.

All our solutions can be self-hosted or we can host them for you in the cloud. You will then be able to access them anywhere using any Web browser. Cost of hosting starts from only GBP29/mth.

No time to try the software demo of our Telecom CDR billing settlement system? Watch a video demo of the software or asks us for a free 10-minute demo via the Internet with your own data! Requests are met in 12 hours or less.

2. Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop

Please turn to our dedicated mini site for our Internet cafe software.