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Billing software systems for Telecom carriers, Public-Access Internet centres and more

We are based in the UK and specialise in designing leading-edge out-sourced, off-the-shelf and bespoke software products and services for many of your billing needs.

Current line of products includes:
* Dynasoft TeleFactura: a Telecom OSS/BSS software platform with Software-as-a Service, outsourced, hosted, and owned outright options offering a complete solution for Telecommunications voice and data billing, provision and mediation (PSTN, VoIP and Mobile CDR billing, Wimax, ADSL,...)
* Dynasoft Cybercafe
: An Internet cafe timer and monitoring suite of software and freeware systems.

Offshore e-commerce, Web hosting and company incorporation

Interested in bolstering your Internet strategy with a more tax efficient structure ?

We offer the complete E-Commerce solution...offshore !
* Affordable offshore web hosting
* Multi-currency capability, offshore payment gateway, order processing, merchant account and Web hosting services
* High bandwidth and full extension support (SSL,...),
* International Business Company (IBCs) registration and incorporation: choice of low tax jurisdictions (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, BVI,...): no VAT, 0% corporate tax and much more.
* If you have any need to develop a software product, combine this offshore strategy  with our offshore software development services to lower your investment and running costs even further.

Telecoms services for businesses and callshops

We offer low-priced high quality Telecoms services with world-wide access ... and all at tax free prices whatever the type, size of customer (callshop, private or company), or location, including in the European Union!

* Save on tax and on your phone bill (up to 86%) with our low prices compared to your traditional domestic carriers.
* Rock-bottom VoIP prices for callshops (€/min): France @ only 0.009889, USA @ 0.007667, UK @ 0.00605, Morocco @ 0.021032.
* Equipment special offer only for callshops: All the services and hardware needed to get started with Voice over IP for only €713 (8 cabins).
* No hidden charges: you only pay for seconds called, and not for activating your account or cancelling it.
* Standard services include: Carrier Select code / Carrier Pre-Select (Présélection) in Belgium, UK and France and Voice over IP and Callback worldwide.
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BSS OSS Telecom billing software for PSTN, MVNO, ADSL

Dynasoft TeleFactura
"Because of Dynasoft's proactive approach and commitment to deliver, CommSys has built up enormous confidence in Dynasoft, and their capabilities." CommSys, Australia

Dynasoft TeleFactura
"Can I congratulate Dynasoft for creating such a comprehensive Telecom billing solution. The product has obviously been carefully and thoughtfully designed and the functionality is very impressive." Incontro, Italy

Cyber cafe and Internet cafe software and freeware systems

Dynasoft SurfShop
"It gets a rating score of five points owing to its user friendly premise and its class leading features which make it a must have tool in its domain."

Dynasoft SurfShop
"Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro comes as a satisfying and reasonable solution for organizing an internet cafe."

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