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Telecom CDR billing software system

Dynasoft TeleFactura – Telecom CDR billing software system

Telecom CDR billing software system
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Telecom CDR billing software system
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TeleFactura is the definitive convergent Telecom CDR billing software system with Radius, Xero and Sage integrations. Our modern and intuitive solution can be used for voice, VoIP, mobile MVNO, data and ISP billing, call accounting and rating, data mediation, provisioning, account reconciliation, Telecoms auditing and as Radius AAA server. It’s ideally suited to any company needing a full-featured solution to manage and control the access of their voice and data users to resources. TeleFactura is integrated with 15 different third party systems from payment portals such as Paypal to Radius AAA server systems like Radius Manager and TekRadius. It boasts advanced reporting features, offers maximum flexibility thanks to hundreds of features and is truly universal as it is able to bill anything, from recurrent charges to any database-driven, text file or HTTP-based CDR data. The Radius AAA Integration gives full Telecom Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting capability and prepaid billing management.

Dynasoft was the first software development company to offer a Telecom CDR billing software system that small and medium-sized Telecom operators in Europe could afford and that was specifically designed with their needs in mind. This was back in 2003. Over 15 years later, we still pride ourselves in providing leading-edge, competitive and global software solutions to companies of all sizes. We currently offer Europe’s most affordable Telecom CDR billing software system at only GBP39 (USD49) a month for unlimited billing and support.

Please note all our solutions can be self-hosted or we can host them for you in the cloud. You will then be able to access them anywhere using any Web browser.

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