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Blogs about our Billing software solutions

We currently have two blogs that cover our two main billing software solutions:

Billing software solutions
Telecom and VoIP billing: We follow trends about Telecommunications billing, mediation, reconciliation and invoicing matters and how TeleFactura can help businesses harness new products and services in the industry thanks to a mature convergent billing solution. You will also find in our Telecom blog all the latest news about our Telco and MVNO CDR billing systems and Telecom CRM applications. The blog includes special offers and details about special events we regularly hold.
Billing software solutions
Cyber and Internet cafe software: We try and cover all angles of the cybercafe sector. Internet cafes and games centres are often the only way people in some countries can access the Internet. We provide a pro and free netcafe program, Cybercafe SurfShop, to further help local communities gain access to the Internet. Features includes in our games and cybercafe systems include: Wifi server, pre and post paid billing, canteen, up to 250 stations can be configured, all versions of Windows are supported, management of software CD keys in real-time and much more.