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Billing solutions

Billing software solutions

“Where Service, Value and Innovation come together in the development of Telecom billing software systems and general billing solutions”

Telecom billing software systems

As a software development firm based in the UK and Telecom billing software systems consultants with 20 years experience, we pride ourselves in offering quality convergence products and services along with unparalleled pre and post-sales support. We are a leading provider of billing and customer management solutions and work closely with our clients to ensure that they get the most out of our products, so that we can in turn benefit from their experience and thereby further improve our offering.

With sales and services spanning the globe and thanks to our unique business ties with partner companies world-wide, Dynasoft Ltd, now serves it’s local and the international community’s technological needs.

Because of this unique strategy that mixes unbeatable value and quality, the expertise and pricing are passed on to our clients.

“Our Client Focus Puts You First”

We specialise in the development and sourcing out of software solutions for the Telecom billing sector, bespoke development services to corporate clients for all their software billing needs, Web services consulting, and a full range of business efficiency solutions.

Bespoke Billing Software Solutions

We offer software-programming services for custom software projects on a project or contract basis. In-depth business analysis is a vital aspect of any bespoke software project that we undertake and we strongly believe it is essential so that high quality outputs are guaranteed.

We always follow a rigourous set of analytical procedures to ensure that we understand the specific business processes involved and to assess what can and ought to be automated. This analysis encompasses detailed business process mapping, the definition of requirements and functional scoping. Finally, we make sure you agree with each one of these stages to ensure the finished product does exactly what it was set out to do.

If you have a need for a billing application or wish to replace a legacy billing platform, please get in touch with us so that we can help you with this endeavour.

Dynasoft Billing Software Solutions

Our off-the-shelf products already include:
Telecom billing software systems
Dynasoft TeleFactura: Dynasoft TeleFactura is a Telecom billing software system and server for voice and data service providers such as Telecom billing and callshop operators, service distributors, and any company needing a full-featured solution to effortlessly manage and control the access of their voice and data customers. It is compatible with any text, database and HTTP CDR data. We also offer hosted, outsourced and Software-as-a-service options to mitigate the cost of the investment. A number of optional add-ons are offered that leverage the extensive market and technology presence of a number of third-party systems: Xero, Sage Accounts, Sage Pay, Paypal,, GlobalPay, Skrill and Radius AAA (Radius Manager and TekRadius).
Telecom billing software systems
Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop: We can bundle together all the necessary elements to get your Internet Café project fully financed and commissioned using our leasing, rent-to-own financing services, new and ex-demo hardware options and sets of proprietary software such as, Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop, a centralised billing and usage tracking software to help you bill your customers effortlessly.