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Offshore Web hosting and transaction processing

Once your have decided to tap into the big savings an offshore Internet presence will bring and thanks to our technological partnerships, we can offer you three types of comprehensive offshore Web hosting services to suit any size of dedicated e-commerce business. These are given below as a summary.
For questions on our offshore Web hosting services and formation of your offshore company, please turn to our E-Commerce FAQ.
Please note that all our service options and software interface are available in Spanish and French.

1. Offshore Services

1.1 Offshore Web Hosting Services
Take space on our servers running off our secure facilities and sell your digital products and services today. We have three offshore Web hosting services that make use of your newly created strategy. You have the possibility to run your site off our certificates or your own and to set-up your own Merchant facilities or carry on using your current credit card processing. You can decide to add your new Offshore Merchant facilities at any time. We will then set-up your certificates, the new Merchant facilities, and your Offshore company and bank account and migrate everything seamlessly. Options available are:
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold offshore Web hosting services. Please get in touch with us for more information about our latest prices.
1.2 Transaction Processing
The charging scheme for credit card transactions is required for any business wanting to offer credit card processing. We can set-up your Merchant account, bank accounts and Offshore company rapidly and add it to your current set-up.
Our Payment Gateway enables merchants to offer their customers the ability to purchase goods and services across the Internet. This gateway provides online credit card authorisation and processing with the added advantage of transactions being carried out in an offshore environment. Payment Service Provider options available to you:
Our payment gateway has been designed and built with security and resilience in mind to ensure complete peace of mind for both our clients and their clients, and includes:
Online transaction processing gateway for most types of credit and debit card payment.
Multi-currency option depending on Merchant Service Provider
Remote credit card processing using 128 bit encryption
Deferred credit card processing if required
Third party management access
Easy integration into existing Web sites
Developers API (Application Programming Interface) for bespoke Web site integration
Visa card charge: 3.75%, 20p on each transaction and 50p for debit cards.
The settlement is weekly, two weeks in arrears.
Rolling reserve: 10% over 180 days. The Rolling Reserve is the percentage of the processed funds. that are kept for a period of time before being settled to the Merchant.
Terms and Conditions:
Customers will sign up to a minimum of one-year contract on the current tariff.
1.3 Colocation
These are offered on a bespoke basis. Please get in touch with us for more information about our latest prices.