ISP billing software system solution

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Dynasoft TeleFactura – ISP billing software system

Easily import your CDR formats with our ISP billing software system

ISP billing software system


Easily import the voice, data and recurrent services CDR UDR SMDR formats by using a built-in wizard. Identify a few parameters that will help TeleFactura understand how to handle the CDR data. These parameters include the format of the date field (yyyy-mm-dd,…), time field (hh:mm:ss,…), etc… CDR UDR SMDR sources can be any database (e.g. Asterisk, Radius Manager,…), any text file and even pages on a Web site through HTTP GET/POST requests. Once the parameters are identified, the system will take you to a wizard where field mapping takes place. This process has to be done only once for each CDR format and TeleFactura will take care of the rest of the billing process. Connecting the software with the CDR data from Radius Manager or TekRadius is easier as the programme is preconfigured to use these as standard.


ISP billing software systemISP billing software systemISP billing software system