Invoicing processing with WISP billing software system solution

Screenshot 05 – WISP billing

Dynasoft TeleFactura – WISP billing software system

Powerful set of billing controls with our WISP billing software system

WISP billing software system


All Telecom BSS OSS billing tasks are performed from a single easy-to-use screen. Control the entire billing process from this screen. Use the manual mode to test different billing scenarios and explore the steps involved in billing your Telecom products and services. Once all is running fine, move to the automatic mode to quickly process official invoices, publish the data online via our Web Access customer-care portal and finally send invoices to your customers by email. The entire process is done in real time and in 3 clicks only under the automatic mode. You’ll have plenty of time to do other things than billing your customers as rating speeds are up to 9,000,000 CDRs an hour.


WISP billing solutionWISP billing software systemWISP billing software system