Wifi billing software system solution with extensive reporting

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Dynasoft TeleFactura – Wifi billing software system

Wifi billing software system with extensive reporting

Wifi billing software system


Invoice in TeleFacturas includes over 13 different sections that are fully customisable. Sections available are: statistics and graphs, covering page for ads or announcements, cost summary showing amounts payable for current invoice and previous balance, summary of voice calls, itemisation of voice calls, summary of data items, itemisation of data items, summary of recurrent services, itemisation of recurrent services, packages (bundles,…), subscriptions (service charges,…), line summary, cost centres, …. All these are configurable from the configuration or from the customers’ accounts. Many system-wide settings can be over-ridden and customised from each individual customer, distributor and supplier account.


Wifi billing software systemWifi billing software systemWifi billing software system