Telecom provisioning software system solution

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Dynasoft TeleFactura – Telecom provisioning software system

Invoicing customers with our Telecom provisioning software system

Telecom provisioning software system


Invoices are created and generated quickly and easily. Print, save or open the invoices on screen and get the programme to publish all billing data live to the customer Web Access portal. Choose between twelve different invoice templates. Hundreds of options are available in order to fine tune the look and feel of the invoices and granulate the data shown so that your market needs are matched as closely as possible. Issue official invoices or run your data in test mode. Control is given to the entire process of invoicing customers: choose between a manual mode which gives the most control or run the entire invoicing process unassisted using the automatic mode.


Telecom provisioning software systemTelecom provisioning software systemTelecom provisioning software system