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Markets suited to TeleFactura – Telecom VoIP SaaS billing software system

Markets Suited to our Telecom VoIP SaaS billing software system

  • Telecom VoIP SaaS billing software system Data and Telecom carriers
  • Telecom VoIP SaaS billing software system Independent data and Telecom operators
  • carrier data and telecom cdr billing Small and medium-sized resellers of carrier data and Telecom services who receive call data records (CDR) and who wish to bill their phone and data users
  • callshops public call offices Callshops and Public Call Offices services resellers
  • switchless operator carrier billing Switchless operators reselling services from various carriers
  • office space and service Office space and service operators
  • outsourced workplace providers Outsourced workplace providers
  • ITSP Internet telephony service providers (ITSP)
  • CAB CLEC Operators looking to perform Carrier Access (CAB) or Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) billing
  • ISP Traditional Internet service providers
  • mso wimax mvno vne vno broadband oss MSO, WiMax, Mobile phone – MVNO, VNE, VNO, Telecom fixed line, Broadband, Dial Up/DSL, ILEC, CLEC, ISP, VoIP, HotSpot, Wireless Access, WiFi, WISP, ASP, MVNO, MVNE and Wireless LAN operators
  • telecom revenue management Revenue management for high tech firms
  • customer care management Billing and Customer Care management for Prepaid and Postpaid Telecom providers
  • Telecommunications OSS Telecommunications Operational Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) operators
  • Companies looking for a full-featured OSS system for pre/post pay deregulated markets including provisioning, workflow and customer care
  • telecom audit billing Service Providers wanting a Telecom audit and billing system that helps them manage, monitor and control their retail business
  • carrier access invoicing Carrier Access and convergent subscribers invoicing for wireline and multimedia billing
  • service providers provisioning Service Providers looking for an automated provisioning system for their local, LD, VoIP, wireless & data markets
  • Radius Authentication Authorisation Accounting Carriers seeking to implement a stable and widely used Radius, Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (through TekRadius integration) capability to their Telecom infrastructure.
  • data-based service providers Purely data-based service providers who wish to go into voice provision in a cost effective way, and finally
  • ILEC CLEC ISP VoIP HotSpot Wireless Access WiFi WISP ASP MVNO MVNE Any company wishing to get an advanced analysis of their Telecommunications traffic and understand where their voice communication costs are coming from and financially control the use of these resources.