VoIP charging software system solution with WLR invoicing

Screenshots – VoIP charging software system

Dynasoft TeleFactura – Telecom VoIP charging software system

Screenshots available for our Telecom VoIP charging software system are:

1. TeleFactura Main Application

1.A Main interface

VoIP charging software system
The main application offers a user-friendly convergent GUI interface to enable you to access all your business activities: your price lists, rating plans, Telecoms operators, CDRs, billing options, customers and resellers. If required, we can help you make all TeleFactura applications easily accessible in the Cloud, anywhere in the world using any Web browser or smart phone with our Cloud Access service. The steps required to do this only take a few minutes on a Windows server.

1.B Dashboard with access to common tasks and 25 vital pieces of data about your business

VoIP charging software system
An easy to follow dashboard is provided giving you instant access to 25 vital statitics and graphs about your business activity: from invoices aged, issued invoices vs invoices paid, number of rated CDRs vs. unrated CDRs, turnover and profit for the previous 3 months, best and least performing customers and distributors, number of unfulfilled orders. The dashboard also gives you access to daily tasks such as accessing CDR files, invoices, open contact account, etc…

1.C Full Telecom reporting and account reconciliation tools

VoIP charging software system
Our Telecom VoIP charging software system offers over 500 financial and QoS convergent reports to help you keep track easily of your costs and profits: for instance, check if your carrier is correctly billing your company for all your active DIDs down to individual calls, see how many invoices are unpaid, generate a tax report, see how many CDR files still have to be rated, etc…

1.D Inventory management of Telecom assets

VoIP charging software system
Enter an unlimited number of Telecommunications assets with 22 different parameters (part number, date sold,…) and keep track of current stock levels as and when these are sold. Associate a recurrent item sold to your customers with any of the assets in the inventory. There is a similar screen for the management of DIDs, DDIs and CLIs.

1.E All data is rated, billed and pushed online in real time

VoIP charging software system
Follow in real time all the Telecoms voice, data and recurrent services billing monies TeleFactura is analysing.

1.F Create Least Cost Routing lists

VoIP charging software system
Amalgamate any number of lists easily into an LCR list to maximise your suppliers’ rates and your income.

1.G Telecom rating and billing

VoIP charging software system
The billing engine of our Telecom VoIP charging software system will greatly facilitate the time-consuming task of billing clients, accurately and reliably. Billing screen offers 20 flexible options to fine-tune the entire process of billing, that on top of the hundreds of settings supported throughout the application.

1.H Telecom invoicing once all data has been rated

VoIP charging software system
The output, i.e. the invoice produced after running the programme can be loaded on screen, printed to a printer, saved on your disk, published on a web or ftp server, or sent to customers by e-mail, using one of 8 file formats available.

1.I Customer, distributors, suppliers and carriers accounts

VoIP charging software system
You have access to all your Telecoms customers’, distributors’ and suppliers’ activities and their information at a glance. Mark their numbers for CPS activation, modify their details, commission rates, referring customers, and manage their invoices, commissions and payments effortlessly.

1.J Details of all price lists for voice, data and recurrent services (WLR, LDR)

VoIP charging software system
Access all your price lists and their data from within this form. Apply percentages to rates of one or multiple destinations, or convert the list into csv or Web-ready html files.

2. TeleFactura Web Access – Web Portal for Customers and Distributors

2.A Login page of customer and reseller care Web portal

VoIP charging software system
TeleFactura includes a Web portal – This login page gives access to your customers so they can view their calls, contracted services, check their balance and download their invoices. View demo of the Web Access here.

2.B Display of voice calls made, usage of data and recurrent (WLR, LDR) services

VoIP charging software system
Amongst other features, TeleFactura Web Access makes it possible for customers to access all the calls they made through the use of numerous filters: call type, number called, number calling, name of Telecoms carrier, or data service number,…

3. TeleFactura Web CRM – Web CRM

3.A Help-Desk for customers and distributors and much more

VoIP charging solution
We also offer a powerful Web CRM application that enables your resellers, sales people and employees to manage customers and sub-dealers they bring to your business, activate customers’ CLIs, add sales and view all their financials, all in real-time with the main application. View demo of the Web CRM here.