Wireless billing software system solution and service charges

Screenshot 10 – Wireless billing

Dynasoft TeleFactura – Wireless billing software system

Bill packages and subscriptions with our Wireless billing software system

Wireless billing software system


TeleFactura is able to invoice virtually anything and from most sources (text, database, web page). Organise global subscriptions and packages that are available to all customers from this screen: set the quantity, the name, description, how often these run (daily, weekly,…), supplier, the supplier’s reference, start and end dates, product category, discount, sales and purchase prices. Each service charge can then be called up from inside a customer account and TeleFactura will pre-fill most of the fields to aid the data entry of your customers’ service charges. Each subscription or package can also be associated with specific customer phone numbers.


Wireless billing software systemWireless billing software systemWireless billing software system