Telephony billing software system solution with LCR

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Dynasoft TeleFactura – Telephony billing software system

Telephony billing software system with Least Cost Routing

Telephony billing software system


Build Telecom Least Cost Routing rate cards for your voice services quickly and easily using numerous rules and criteria and any number of source rate cards. Save the result list in the database or as a CSV file. When a comparison is done between rates of several operators, some rates come out as being cheaper via general codes as opposed to city-specific codes for instance (e.g., Spain 34 as opposed to Madrid 3491). The programme can make it possible to select the more attractive code and carrier. For example, for Spain, if Carrier A offers a cheaper rate to calls to Spain than Carrier B and any of its sub codes, but Carrier A does not list the code 3491 for Madrid, but Carrier B does, then the programme will use the more general dialling code 34 that Carrier A does have and route all calls through Carrier A. This is because Operator A has better prices than Operator B, even though he does not show a rate for Madrid in his price list. LCR illustrates how TeleFactura has complex built-in algorythms for many aspects, but yet is easy to use day-to-day.


Telephony billing software systemTelephony billing software systemTelephony billing software system