cyber cafe program
cyber cafe program
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internet cafe program
Download the world's leading cybercafe software!
Download the world's leading cybercafe software!
internet cafe program

Click on the link above to chat with us in real time about our Internet cafe software solutions.

Join our discussion forum to help other users answer their questions about our Internet cafe software or simply to post a query to us and the many users of our cyber cafe software who regularly take part in our online discussions.

internet cafe software

We regularly post articles about our Internet cafe software products and services along with news about the cybercafe and callshop markets on blog pages available by clicking the icon 'More info'.

internet cafe software

Click on the more info button below to view a slide show showing all the main interfaces of our cyber cafe pro software along with a short description of the key features.

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Our cyber cafe software has already won many awards by well-established shareware sites on the Internet and is the official partner and supplier of numerous cyber cafe and gaming centers and organisations.

internet cafe program
cyber cafe program
cyber cafe program
game center software
cyber cafe program

We are now offering SurfShop Pro for a low cost of only GBP49 for the server licence and 10 client PCs instead of GBP99. Cost of each additional client licence is now only GBP3 instead of GBP5. Take advantage of this new low offer here.
cyber cafe program

We have just released a new minor update of Cybercafe SurfShop Pro which includes a number of improvements: code size has been reduced, new components versions applied, bug fixes and various other code enhancements.

Our Cybercafe SurfShop Pro software supports full customisation of the client PCs' screensaver so you can now personalise the computers of your Cybercafe. This can enable you to run your own banner ads and adverts to advertise activities in your local community or make extra money by advertising local businesses. What's more, contrary to other schemes out there, you get to keep 100% of the money you make with this!

New updates are now available for Cybercafe SurfShop Pro (v5.05) and Free (v2.04): Windows Vista, 7 and 2008 Server are now better supported; sessions of all recent versions of the Web's most popular Messenger programs are now fully cleaned and reset -MS Windows Live, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ and even Skype.

We now accept payments via Moneybookers who offer secure and easy-to-use payment services.

We are pleased to announce the release of our best versions yet of Cybercafe SurfShop Pro and Free: v5.04 and v2.03. SurfShop now support 8 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish,and Russian
· Cybercafe SurfShop Pro v5.04: We have just completed hundreds of hours of work to make SurfShop Pro our best solution to date. We offer a dozen new features but the same low price! Please note existing customers will have to purchase an upgrade from our Buy Now page (last Paypal icon on the page). New customers can buy it from the same location.
· Cybercafe SurfShop Free v2.03: SurfShop Free is the world's first full-featured cybercafe freeware that is really free and full-featured. Version 2.03 includes over 200 hours of new features, and improvements to make the product better, and more secure.

Our unique range of cybercafe products is now available on more than 750 download sites worldwide.
internet cafe software
internet cafe software

| The World's Most Complete Suite of Games and Internet Cyber Cafe Monitoring and Control Solutions

internet cafe software

Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Free:

Dynasoft has set the standard for the cybercafe industry again! We now offer the world's first ever cyber, internet and games cafe freeware. Take control of your center for free! More ...

Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro:

Above and beyond the standard features you expect to see in a cyber and games cafe software or freeware, Cybercafe SurfShop Pro, our competitively priced Internet cafe software, now offers:

internet cafe software

Unlimited support free for 30 days for Pro users, something no cybercafe freeware will ever give you.

cybercafe billing

Dynamic management of software licences

billing timer software

One hundred skins to taylor the look and feel of your games and cybercafe program

cybercafé game center

High-strength security features to keep the user's experience safe for you and him (cleaning of all passwords,..)

netcafé billing

Turn your cyber cafe and games center into a training centre: chat, whiteboard and sharing of server desktop

controlador cybercafe

Control any type of non-PC station: game consoles (X-Box, Playstation, ...), Wi-fi connected PCs, Apple, etc.

game center management software

Ensure you comply with the latest security laws thanks to SurfShop Pro: logging of URL's & full user identification.

game center management software

Customiseable screensaver to personalise the computers of your Cybercafe. Use this to run your own banner ads and adverts to advertise activities in your local community or make extra money by advertising local businesses.

Plus dozens more innovative and advanced features...


We have had great independent reviews of our products over the years. Here are just a few of the ones that can be found on the Internet.

"Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro 5.05 is a utility that facilitates easy yet efficient management of a cyber cafe and provides innovative strategies to excel...The administration is simple enough with the easy to use and strong internet cafe tool...(it) gets a rating score of five points owing to its user friendly premise and its class leading features which make it a must have tool in its domain."

"The program boasts a whole assortment of features designed to make things smoothly."

"Easy Setup, ease of use, and it does exactly what it it's free!""

"Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro comes as a satisfying and reasonable solution for organizing an internet cafe. Cybercafe SurfShop gives an easy to follow interface, advanced security options, full control and stats. Suitable for multiplayer gaming or internet, it will work simply and rapidly. You will be able to manage your business with ease."


Our strength as a company are our customers and the quality of the support we give them. Here are a few comments we have had from satisfied users recently about our games and cyber cafe programs.

"Thank you for your very nice assistance, you are doing a great job and the internet cafe software looks just fantastic."
Nino Imnaishvili, Stereovision cybercafe.

"The surfshop cyber cafe software has been great for managing our prepaid packs as we did it with paper/pencil prior. It also works great for having customers come in and prepay for a block of 3 hours or postpay when they leave. It manages the time as well as our incidentals (snacks, magic cards, etc.). Again, I need to reiterate that the best thing has been the customer support. We have made numerous suggestions which have been built into the program. I encourage more game centers to use the product as the company is extremely receptive to our needs and desires."
Steve Isaacs, Lyberty Corner Computing.

"Thanks. I agree with the other iGamers who use Surfshop. You guys treat your customers (and prospective customers) right."
Roger Velasco, Greendotcafé.

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