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Offshore re-invoicing services

Import, Export and service transactions can be made more tax-efficient if they’re carried out through offshore companies. Using an offshore company as an intermediary party between sellers and buyers of products or services in different countries allows profits to be accumulated offshore. (This is often called Transfer-Pricing.) Such offshore-companies are generally called marketing or export consultancies, and, with nominees handling all offshore company administration such as phone calls, e-mails or faxes, the appearance of the company is greatly enhanced.

Although invoicing is invariably carried out via the offshore company, the goods can, nevertheless, normally be delivered direct from seller to buyer.

Such devices can be particularly beneficial for transactions between EU countries, with VAT accounting problems solved by registration in a suitable location, such as the UK or Southern Ireland, the onshore company then working in conjunction with another corporate vehicle.

Factoring of debts using an offshore company also offers possibilities to move money from a high-tax to a low-tax area.

A critical aspect of transfer-pricing is to obtain good tax advice in the countries where these transactions are sought.

Dynasoft can organise such services for you. Please enquire with us for more information.


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