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Download the world's leading cybercafe software!

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| The Word's First Cybercafe Program Fully Compliant with the Latest Anti-Terror and Security Laws

Another first for our cyber cafe software: It now is fully compliant with the latest laws regarding cyber security in premises that are open to the public.

In Italy for instance, a new law requires businesses that offer Internet access to the public to ask customers for identification and log their name and the Web pages they visit. This additional constraint put on Internet centres has had negative consequences as many centres have had to close due to the extra work involved.

Dynasoft has heard and responded to the need for cybercafe tools to perform these tasks in an automated way and as easily as possible. Our cyber cafe software now logs all visited URL's automatically and all sessions can be associated with an identified customer. All data can easily be printed and/or saved in a text file. These features can be disabled at any time.

It is strongly adviseable that you check with your country's authorities as these laws might exist in your country and might apply to your activity. More information regarding these laws for Italy, France, and Great Britain,

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