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Reply to topic New Major Update (v5.93) of Dynasoft TeleFactura
New Major Update (v5.93) of Dynasoft TeleFactura
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New Major Update of Dynasoft TeleFactura

We've released a new update of our popular Telecoms billing, reconciliation and rating software, Dynasoft TeleFactura.

The new version of Dynasoft TeleFactura represents over 170 hours of development and testing. The new features that have been worked on and that are included with this new update are as follows (since v5.91):

* Code for working out customers' latest usage has been improved
* Code for reading database CDRs has been improved
* Support for more call rates and duration-based fees. Some fields found in the VoicePriceLists table have been renamed and new fields have been added, as follows:
PeakRate > PeakRate1
OffPeakRate > OffPeakRate1
WeekEndRate > WeekEndRate1
CallingFeePeak > PeakRate2
CallingFeeOffPeak > OffPeakRate2
CallingFeeWeekEnd > WeekEndRate2
CollectingFeePeak > PeakRate3
CollectingFeeOffPeak > OffPeakRate
CollectingFeeWeekEnd > WeekEndRate3
SetupPeak SetupPeakFee1
SetupOffPeak > SetupOffPeakFee1
SetupWeekEnd > SetupWeekEndFee1
SetupPeakDuration > SetupPeakDuration1
SetupOffPeakDuration > SetupOffPeakDuration1
SetupWeekEndDuration > SetupWeekEndDuration1
SetupPeakFee2 is newly added
SetupOffPeakFee2 is newly added
SetupWeekEndFee2 is newly added
SetupPeakFee3 is newly added
SetupOffPeakFee3 is newly added
SetupWeekEndFee3 is newly added
SetupPeakDuration2 is newly added
SetupOffPeakDuration2 is newly added
SetupWeekEndDuration2 is newly added
SetupPeakDuration3 is newly added
SetupOffPeakDuration3 is newly added
SetupWeekEndDuration3 is newly added
* The way purchase price lists work in data plans and with recurrent services has been improved. See 'Data CDRs' and 'Service CDRs' in chapter of the manual.
* Support for different recurrence between the recurrence in the CDR formats and the recurrence in the price lists for data and recurrent services. If for instance a monthly CDR is used but the rates used in the price lists for data plans or recurrent services are daily rates, TeleFactura will convert the daily rates to monthly ones. A value for recurrence is now required in the data and services price lists.
* Support for plan, service name and description taken from the CDRs added.
* The way voice, data and recurrent services can be billed has been improved. The import tabs in supplier accounts now have clear options where the user can select how CDR data will be billed for all three services: using a price list, a sales price column in the CDR data or a purchase price column in the CDR data and a default CDR-specific margin multiplier. This means TeleFactura can now import CDR data straight from the source and only apply a margin or use an existing sales price column. Since calls will not be associated with a call type (unlike if you use a price list), a single and unique default call type and group will be associated with these calls. These are set in the configuration screen, under the call types tab.
* Rating algorithms for all three services (ie, voice, data and recurrent services) have been substantially improved
* Plus signs and double quotes are all removed by default from CDRs unless the tick box under point 1 in options I tab in the supplier accounts is unticked.
* Various improvements and bug fixes.
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New Major Update (v5.93) of Dynasoft TeleFactura
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