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Reply to topic New Major Update (v5.91) of Dynasoft TeleFactura
New Major Update (v5.91) of Dynasoft TeleFactura
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New Major Update of Dynasoft TeleFactura

We've released a new update of our popular Telecoms billing, reconciliation and rating software, Dynasoft TeleFactura.

The new version of Dynasoft TeleFactura represents over 420 hours of development and testing. The new features that have been worked on and that are included with this new update are as follows (since v5.82):

* Just as it was possible to do with customers, first and last names can be hidden when creating a transaction document from inside a distributor or suppliers screen. Go to a contact's various options in their Options I tabs to activate this option.
* New 'bb' option added to the various options in Configuration screen > Options IV > Point 34. This option makes it possible to show positive or negative net, tax and gross totals when creating a credit note or advice document from inside a contact's billing screen.
* An ID is now shown in the customer invoices screen to make sorting invoices chronologically easier.
* Support for sending an invoice's line items to Xero and Sage (Accounting add-on only).
* Fields in DataPriceLists and ServicePriceLists tables have been modified as follows:
- in DataPriceLists:
Fields renamed:
ServiceDescriptionCode > PlanCode
PlanServiceName > PlanName
BillingPlan > PlanRecurrence
PlanPrice > PlanSalesPrice
New fields added:
- in ServicePriceLists:
Fields renamed:
ServiceDescriptionCode > ServiceCode
BillingPlan > ServiceRecurrence
ServicePrice > ServiceSalesPrice
New field added:
* Point 13 In the settings' configuration and point 4 in a customer account have been improved and extended. The option to show the money paid by a customer is now a separate option. It is now possible to show a primary and secondary sort criteria in both the summary and itemised parts of invoices. The names of data plans, various items, voice plans and recurrent services now show in the column called reference in invoices and the description column now holds the description fields for all these types of services. This is unless option 'aa' under point 34 of the settings' configuration was ticked. In that case the name will show in lieu of the description fields in the invoices' description column. Whereas in previous versions of telefactura the service numbers or ddis were shown in some instances under the invoices' description column, now only an item's description is shown. Use the secondary sort criteria to sort items based on the service numbers and ddis.
* New business overview page under the reports screen giving vital statistics about your business. The information shown includes: the number of invoices paid vs. Invoices issued as a graph, profit as a graph for the last 3 months, turnover as a graph for the last 3 months, total number of unrated cdr files, total number of cdr lines rated, ...
* Better error handling when loading and rating cdr. More meaningful error messages are given.
* A cost price can now be entered in the price lists for data and recurrent services.
* New option to reconcile all invoices entries under the customers' individual billing screen and the invoices screen. This is located under point 64 of the configuration and under the Tasks menu in the left-hand side menu bar of the main UI.
* Code for handling recurrent services has been improved
* Support for start and end dates in recurrent services
* Support for pro rated recurrent services
* Support for items in recurrent services set to be single, daily, weekly, monthly, quaterly or yearly
* Various improvements and bug fixes.
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New Major Update (v5.91) of Dynasoft TeleFactura
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