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You already know Cybercafe SurfShop Pro. Discover the world's first cybercafe freeware!
The most complete suite of cybercafe programmes just got even better...and free!
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cibercafes software

cibercafes software

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De: Verteiler für Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro suchen nach: Das beste CyberKaffee Programm in Europa

> Dynamic management of games/software licence keys fully supported <

gestion cybercafé

gestion cybercafé

Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop is a new generation of Cyber Café software and freeware packed not only with all the standard features you expect from such a package, but also with powerful security features you will find nowhere else. Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop is the market leading and definitive cyber café management software in continental Europe. Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop was developed to finally empower the Cyber Café owner with a precise and robust tool to administer his business. You will be up-and-running in minutes, thanks to the easy-to-use installation package, set of tools, and interface. We offer two versions: Cybercafe SurfShop Pro and Cybercafe SurfShop Free, the world's first cybercafe freeware.

Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop has all the standard features you expect in a Cyber Café software:

  • Up to 250 PCs configurable (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only)
  • Up to 100 different skins for your server and client programme, and unlimited design capability for all programme screens.
  • 20 user-blocking options (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only).
  • Choice of five charging systems for your customers: Set fee, decreasing cost, single fee or fixed rate.
  • Choose between on-the-spot prepay and post pay billing or sell prepaid accounts through the use of a login and password or a single pin code to your customers.
  • Canteen (POS): get your customers to order drinks and food directly through the Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop client. Keep an inventory of all items so you know when to reorder stocks.
  • Customized screensaver to personalise the computers of your Cyber Café (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only).Server access with different levels: owner, administrator, and operator..
  • Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop is fully crash tolerant preventing all loss of session duration and cost.
  • Server access with different levels: owner, administrator, and operator.
  • Automatic live update built in (valid for minor updates) and Wake On LAN (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only).
  • Competitively priced.

Powerful features you will only get with Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop:

  • Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop, security, and user peace of mind - Exclusive features:
    • All personal data is wiped clean between sessions: including passwords, login names, auto-complete entries, temporary Internet files and all Messenger user-data (MS, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, and Skype).
    • All network data is encrypted.
    • Customer passwords are only visible by them.
    • Don't loose any sleep over a system crash. We will send you a copy of your database by email so you can be up and running fast. It's as easy as that.
    • Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop does not corrupt your PCs: uninstall the programme easily, install all Internet utilities you will ever need, back up all critical data, and roll-back all blocking options on each PC to its original state, all using our special Installer programme.
    • Check what sites or URL your customers are viewing and create a screenshot of their PCs at the click of the mouse (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only).
    • Manage all customer downloads accurately by specifying the type of files, customers are allowed to save and where to save them on their PC (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only).
  • Ease of use:
    • Simply use it as if you were using a VCR by starting, stopping and resetting sessions at the click of a mouse. Access of all 250 PCs is done in 2 clicks or fewer. An important advantage of Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop is its simple interface. It is devoid of useless 'value added' features that bloat software, make it hard to work with, difficult to learn and slow it down.
    • Blocking options and client configuration are set centrally from the server. This will save you running round your Café trying to change configurations of blocking options, passwords or customisable features on each PC.
    • Install Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop on all versions of MS Windows: From Windows 95/NT to 7 and Server 2008, on any PC machine, under any Windows user account, alongside any other software, and regardless how the Internet connection is shared (MS ICS, NAT, Routers...) or accessed (modem, broadband,...), all in minutes.
    • Full graphical statistics and sales reporting either via the programme itself or via e-mail, using our stand-alone secure DB viewer (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only).
  • Make more money with your cybercafé:
    • Differentiate between four groups of programs: Internet, Games, Multimedia and Office, and set different rates for each one! Limit access to each group whether by PC number or by customer. Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop supports sessions on non-PC stations like the X-Box, PlayStation, GameCube, and Dreamcast (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only).
    • Game consoles fully supported: Track time usage on any game console (Xbox, Playstation, Gamecube,...) (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only).
    • Turn your cybercafe into a training centre:integrated chat, whiteboard and remote desktop so client PCs can view the server's desktop area (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only)
    • Print manager: have your customers print from their PCs, and track all pages printed into a single bill that aggregates all costs: Internet sessions, print jobs, and orders from the canteen.
    • Customer codes can be generated in batches to increase customer fidelity and facilitate the issueing of customer accounts.
    • SurfShop monitors all bandwidth usage across your network and can be configured so this usage is charged if required.
  • Be more in control:
    • Only buy licences for the programmes your users really use. Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop manages programme licences dynamically for you and will tell you if a programme is in big demand and needs more licences.
    • In account or pre-pay mode, all sessions clock down and PCs lock up when they hit zero. A warning is flagged up to users two minutes before sessions end.
    • Customers can top up their account while in session, or change PC.
    • Sales taxes fully supported (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro only).
    • Sessions can be paused and resumed at any time.
    • Event Logger to ensure you know who’s doing what, where and when on your network.
    • Import any existinglist of customersdirectly into Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop.
    • Many countries around the world require that cybercafe owners keep information about all customers who walk into their centres, this includes a log of URL's visited, name and address of the user. SurfShop supports this and makes it easy to keep, save and print and generally manage this data.
    • Configure happy hour schedules easily.